Other Resources for Family Members and Friends of Adults with Major Depressive Disorder

This leaflet contains a collection of resources for family members, partners and friends of a person with major depressive disorder in Australia. There is information for those in need of urgent help if they or a family member/friend are very suicidal or at risk of harm/being harmed. There are also resources about national and state specific mental health and family/friend organisations that offer information and support with depression, anxiety, stress and other health problems and organisations that may be able to assist you to find services. We also encourage you to find out about local resources and helplines in your area.


Please note that not all information on the Internet is reliable and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information and support on the sites and organisations listed, nor the reliability of the suggested health service providers. We do recommend that you check the information you are unsure of with a health professional. If you or your family member or friend with depression are in need of treatment we recommend accessing your local General Practitioner (GP) or treating clinician. These resources are not a substitute for seeking health professional and medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or contacting emergency services in a crisis (e.g. if your family member/friend or you are at risk of suicide or harm).

Download the list here: