Purpose of the DepressionASSIST website

The DepressionASSIST website is intended to provide information and learning activities for adult research participants who are close family members, partners or friends of an adult who has major depressive disorder. The website is part of the DepressionASSIST research project that aims to develop an online program to inform and support family and friends of people with depression.

Research participants can also discuss the information and use of this website and any questions related to this information with a research facilitator via fortnightly telephone or zoom sessions. They can also contact the researchers about any questions related to the research project via email at depression-assist@deakin.edu.au.


Please read this disclaimer carefully before using DepressionASSIST and its contents.

Deakin University takes reasonable measures to ensure that material contained on this website is correct. Deakin University and the researchers, however, give no warranty and accept no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the material. Not all the information may be relevant to you and you need to make your own assessment of the usefulness, relevance and quality of the information provided.

The information provided on the DepressionASSIST website and during the research study is not intended to replace treatment, or take the place of professional or medical advice, diagnosis, or emergency services. If you, or the person you care for, need treatment, we recommend accessing your local general practitioner or treating health professional. DepressionASSIST is NOT an emergency service. If you or another person is in immediate danger please call 000.


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This DepressionASSIST website was created by researchers at Deakin University. The views expressed on the DepressionASSIST website by any other person or organisation, such as in a video resource, publication or externally linked resource, or an external website, do not necessarily reflect the views of Deakin University.

The development of the DepressionASSIST project was funded by an Australian Society for Bipolar and Depressive Disorders - Servier Foundation Depression Grant, GMHBA, and Deakin University.