What is Depression Assist?

Family and friends often look for high quality, practical information to help them better understand depression, and support someone they care about. The Depression Assist website was developed by researchers at Deakin University. The content is based on the latest research and the advice of family and friends, people with depression, and clinicians. This website includes information, suggestions, and training activities for family and friends about:

  • Major depressive disorder and how it can be treated and managed.
  • How to recognise depression and be supportive.
  • How to take care of yourself too and deal with the impact depression can have on your relationship and the family.
  • Resources for people with depression and their family and friends.
BUT before we make Depression Assist available to the public, we need feedback about the website from family and friends themselves. Together we can make sure Depression Assist is easy to use, engaging, and helpful.

Our ultimate aim is to benefit family, friends, and partners of those with depression.

Help by giving feedback

Are you:
  • A family member, partner or close friend of an adult with major depressive disorder?
  • Aged 18 years or over?
  • Living in Australia?
If so, we invite you to help with this research by giving your views about the website and any suggestions for improvements.

To express your interest in helping with this research or to find out more:

You can access our expression of interest form here, which contains more information about the project and what is involved in providing feedback. By filling in this form, we can let you know when the study starts, and you can decide whether to participate.

You are also welcome to contact the researchers directly:

Sondita Mein via phone on (03) 5227 3710 or via email at depression-assist@deakin.edu.au

The Depression Assist project has ethics approval and is being conducted in Australia at Deakin University in collaboration with Barwon Health, Dr Lesley Berk and her team. It is funded by an Australian Society for Bipolar and Depressive Disorders/Servier Foundation Depression Grant.

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